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D’Chaves provides you with
excellence and quality!

D ' Chaves is the first certified Portuguese company specialized in the production and commercialization of the famous “Pastéis de Chaves”, that’s why it is the biggest national reference of commitment, rigor and authenticity in the production of these special pasties.

Pastel de Chaves

The quality of our products is guaranteed by a rigorous monitoring from creation to production, thus providing the excellence of our products.

Rigor is one of the principal characteristics of our company, that’s why we’ve achieved the status of the first certified and specialized company in the production of the famous “Pastéis de Chaves”.

All our technicians are expert in the precious gastronomic legacy of Chaves, that’s why we favour the production according to the original recipe. Tradition is our company’s slogan.

D’Chaves has at your disposal a professional team that will reply to your messages as soon as possible.
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